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Tribal Child


11/20/04 03:26 pm

I hate her.

I hate this voice in my head.

Maybe if I leave here it'll go away....

I won't believe a word you say to me.

11/5/04 10:00 am - w00

I've decided to keep an eye on Kuja, and stick close to him. I can't agree with what he's doing, but I can't condemn him either. He's my brother, and I love him.

..I guess he got his way afterall. We're heading to the Desert Palace. Don't all worry at once now, you lot.

10/23/04 11:38 am

Hm, well, I guess it's time for me to update. Maybe to say sorry?

Yeah, OK. 'm sorry for running off like that. Hope you found the note. Hope everything's goin' alright.

Heading off to the Lifa tree, to see what's up... Half tempted to show Soul Cage what my new materia can do. D'ya think this is what he meant when he said his death was not near? He came back like everyone else.

Think I'll pay a visit to the Black Mage Village after that. See how Mikoto and Vivi are doing now the mist has returned.


Kuja, you idiot.

10/13/04 03:30 pm

I don't understand what's going on, and I sure as hell don't like it.

10/9/04 01:41 pm - Floating around

Survey #2Collapse )

Well, guess it's off to see Kuja for me!

...Kuja, swing that ship of yours in this direction yeah?

10/8/04 10:40 pm - Baaaaa!

Well, if my brother's a sheep, I guess I was made that way too!

BaaaaaCollapse )

I'm sure I'm going to regret my new-found status as sheep. Baaa.

10/8/04 04:33 pm

I'm booooored. Really, really bored. Life just sucks man! Damn all that saving the world stuff, it's made me sentimental! Drinking just isn't fun without friends to do it with.

9/27/04 09:24 am

Plain wrongCollapse )

Holy shit. I do not like that.. whatever it is. Woah.

HmmCollapse )

9/25/04 05:28 pm

So, Kalm. It's.... calm. The namers must have had a hellova' a lot of foresight when choosing that name!

But, nevermind. I'm here to see Blank and Dagger, and, so far, I've been successful in at least one of those tasks! And I plan on going to see the Princess later today, if I can identify which Inn she's staying at. Shouldn't be too hard, should it? After all, this is Kalm! It's much smaller than Treno or Lindblum, or even Alexandria. Perhaps it's more Dali sized. Hmm.

I wonder where's good to eat here.
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